The Lessons I’ve Learned Through Multimedia Journalism

It is really hard to believe that the end of the semester is upon us. It feels like just yesterday we were receiving our cameras and equipment, clueless as to what we were all in for. Going into this class, I had minimal knowledge of video editing, and even less knowledge on how to operate a camera properly. At first, I thought I might be in a little over my head. Over the course of the semester, I came across many conflicts, but learned to overcome them. Because by now everybody knows Professor Collins’ #1 rule, DON’T MISS DEADLINE!

Looking back on it now, I can honestly say this class has taught me a lot, and it goes well beyond learning how to take pictures and edit them together. With the help of Professor Collins and my fellow classmates, I was able to improve my conflict resolution skills immensely. That actually seemed to be the theme of the semester. Whether it was a memory card gone missing, film recording without working audio, I seemed to always find myself facing an issue. I think the best thing I will take away from this class is my newfound knack for resolving conflicts. This class allowed me to take my schoolwork, and bring it anywhere I wanted. The fact that I was able to do some of my favorite things like play baseball and basketball, AND get my work done at the same time, it was a dream come true. Let’s take a closer look at the semester.



Our first assignment of the semester required us to take a variety of still shots and videos from all different angles and times of day. The main focus of this assignment was to get us familiar with our new equipment, and I think it did just that.


Looking back on it, this was a perfect way for us to get to learn to use our cameras. Add the fact that I got to do my project on baseball was an added bonus. It is always a good thing when you enjoy your work environment, and this assignment only further assured me that I would love to work in the world of sports one day.



Assignments 2 & Assignment 3 were very similar to one another, with both being a step above assignment 1. For these assignments, we were required to compile a photo essay both with and without sound. The main point of these assignments was to make sure we tell a story. As with the rest of our assignments, it was crucial to stay on topic, and make the story continuously progress.




Looking back on both of these assignments, the thing I notice is that I have a better eye at pointing out my mistakes. Some transitions and pictures could have been better, but I think that is still a positive thing. Being able to critique my work all this time later just proves that I have learned from my mistakes, and isn’t that what it’s all about?



Going into assignment 4, I remember being a little nervous for multiple reasons. One being that it was our first assignment where we were asked to do video. I also did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to make my project about. In the end, I decided to do it on a Club Baseball fall game. I enjoyed doing my schoolwork at the baseball field for assignment one, and figured this would be another perfect opportunity to do it again.


IMG_0198-300x168Assignment 5 was definitely my favorite project of the entire semester. We were asked to do a “How-To” piece, on anything we wanted. Having always had a passion for basketball (and a silky smooth jump shot), I decided to make my how-to piece on how to shoot a free throw. Although it was a little difficult to adjust the camera so many times to get all different angles, it did give me plenty of free throw practice! I think this better pieces of work, and I think that is because I enjoyed making it so much.


For assignment 6, we went back to our roots and compiled an entire package consisting of only audio. I wanted to stick around my passion for sports, and decided to do my package on what college athletes do post graduation. I did not feel as much pressure for this assignment, as we only had to focus on the audio aspect, and not worry so much about how our pictures or videos were being shot.



Our final two assignments were meant to be somewhat correlated with one another. One package was strictly audio, the other a complete one, including video as well. When I received my topic of correlating social media to schools, I’ll admit I was a bit unclear of what I could do. This one probably took the most critical thinking of the whole semester. Assignment 7 can be found here, and Assignment 8 can be found here.


Being able to go back and look now really proves what I already thought. I have come a long way since the beginning of the semester. And I think the best part is that I know for a fact I can be even better in the future. This class does a great job of providing you the opportunity to constantly improve. To be able to go back months later and see it for yourself is something that is truly gratifying. In hindsight, this class has taught me more than just how to film and edit video. It has taught me a lot about myself, and about life. I have learned lessons in this class that will go beyond the classroom.


My advice for incoming multimedia students:

Give yourself more than enough time to finish. I think that if there was one thing I could change it would be to have better time management skills. There is no doubt my projects would have been better if I had done so.

Back up your work!! I had an entire memory card vanish, and because of that I do not have as much extra media on this post…never be too careful!

Do not freak out if something goes wrong, always have a backup plan.


-Communicate with your classmates and help eachother.



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